Brotherhood based on equality is the supreme goal of Human Society. - Bhagawan Sri Ramana

SRI RAMANAMAHRISHI SEVASHRAM was registered as Charitable Trust at Hosur during the year 1995, with an objective to serve the Senior citizens and rural population with medical care and attention. Presently, a home for Destitute aged is functioning at Hosur for the past ten years on charitable basis. Now, the Sevashram is planning for Independent Retirement Homes.

  • To foster the welfare of the Aged, especially the neglected and needy Senior Citizens.
  • To provide for the well being and dignified living of the aged with support, companionship and understanding.
  • To provide scope for purposeful and worthy living in their grey years.

The Sevashram will be a place for peaceful living and self realization. Guided by the teaching of Bhagavan Sri Ramanamahrshi, the Sevashram is committed towards rendering selfless service (nishkamya karma) especially to the rural poor, the aged and the disabled. The Sevashram recognizes the shallowness of egocentric living and encourages and guides the residents of the ashram and aspirants on the path of spiritual living and self enquiry.